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Decisions, Decisions: How I Finally Chose My First Programming Language

From everything I’ve read, they say picking where to start in your journey of “learning to code” is the hardest part. For me, that was SO true. There’s so much information available on the internet, so many opinions, so much data that you have to consider. How much $$ will I make if I learn … Continue reading Decisions, Decisions: How I Finally Chose My First Programming Language


Here's my latest proud accomplishment. First, I created a successful fetch and pulled the top news articles from Hacker News. Then I reorganized my JS a bit and pulled 2 other websites! Here's my HackerNews clone: https://codepen.io/mouten57/full/erxRew And here's my second codepen that pulls tops news from 3 different servers. I actually keep it on my … Continue reading FETCH!

Bloc Update

Been cruisin' so far...ran into a lesson that stretched my comfort zone and almost made me smash my computer so I thought I'd share. Here was my target: (looks simple, I know) And here's what I came up with: my codepen I personally like my version better! lol I'm tired. Ta-ta for now... -Matt