My Newest Decision

What I’ve decided

I think one of the hardest things for me about this coding journey so far has been figuring out where to start. Well maybe not start, but where to really invest my time. I went back and forth, and I still might go back and forth some more. Here’s what I’ve learned:

1) my most recent discovery – java has the most jobs, but to me, it was so boring! I tried learning this language (albeit, not for long) but I just kept reminding myself that I’m learning to code because I love technology and I want to learn how to creatively solve problems and enjoy my job. Java didn’t seem right for me.

2) Almost all free code schools are geared towards front end development. That means html, css, javascript. I also heard a cool description for each one of these. Html is like a noun, css – adjective, javascript – verb. That’s random but it really stuck with me how all 3 sort of work together. But since all the free code camps and online resources (and even the paid code boot camps) are geared toward front end, there must be something to it.

3) JavaScript seems to be on the rise and there are tons of resources and libraries (node, angular, I’m learning more). I love the idea of working with something that has a big future. I also love the idea of being able to create websites that do cool stuff!! Sooo, JavaScript it is.

Overall, I know the most important thing is just that I stick with a language for a few months. So my decision has been JavaScript, and my goal is to work through my Udemy classes I paid for and make some projects along the way. It seems like a lot of people get stuck on “what language do I choose?” so I’m just going to barrel through and stick with this decision. I’m going to learn to code no matter what 🙂

By the way, here’s some of what I’m learning so far (I know it’s basic, everyone’s gotta start somewhere):

var name = ‘John’;
var age = 26;

console.log(name + age);
console.log(age + age);

var job, isMarried;

job = ‘teacher’;
isMarried = false;

console.log(name + ‘ is a ‘ + age + ‘ year old ‘ + job + ‘. Is he married? ‘ + isMarried + ‘.’);

age = ‘thirty six’;
job = ‘driver’;

console.log(name + ‘ is a ‘ + age + ‘ year old ‘ + job + ‘. Is he married? ‘ + isMarried + ‘.’);

var lastName = prompt(‘What is the last name?’);

alert(name + ‘ is a ‘ + age + ‘ year old ‘ + job + ‘. Is he married? ‘ + isMarried + ‘.’);

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